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Roper Valuation provides a range of independent insurance and claim valuation services.

Our main focus is Business Interruption Insurance.
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Effective Coverage

BI is one of the most misunderstood policies on the market. Inadequate limits and coverage result in businesses who struggle to survive a major loss. It also puts brokers at risk of E&O and results in underfunded, ineffective insurance programs.

Roper Valuation is your partner in ensuring Business Interruption exposures are understood and properly insured resulting in protected businesses, confident brokers and successful insurance programs.

Successful Claims

BI losses are complicated, leaving businesses struggling to assess the impact and quantify the loss. The true value of insurance is determined through its response to claims.

Roper Valuation provides valuable expertise in helping businesses successfully and proactively manage, quantify, and recover BI claims, enhancing the overall insurance process and the value created.

And our fees are often recoverable!

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Bridging the gap by combining knowledge of Insurance & Accounting.

Roper Valuation Services

Roper Valuation is a specialized professional firm offering a wide variety of unique services to the commercial insurance industry.
Desktop BI Reviews

No more BI Worksheets!

Desktop Business Interruption Reviews support commercial insurance brokers and their clients to calculate accurate Business Interruption limits and coverage.
Let us do it for you, saving you time & getting it done right!

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Loss Quantification

Roper Valuation specializes in delivering expertise at every step of the insurance claim, dispute resolution, and litigation process. Our dedicated team delivers proactive and effective support to ensure clarity and effective quantification of complex insurance and financial issues.

Trust us to navigate the intricacies of your insurance and financial challenges, supporting you every step of the way.

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Advisory Services

We offer independent expertise to assist clients in navigating complex insurance and risk related issues. Our specialized focus includes in-depth consultation on business interruption, construction, and cyber insurances, covering aspects such as the application of coverage, calculation of limit requirements and analysis of income exposures.

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Roper Valuation is driving education in the insurance industry through insightful webinars and in-person sessions. Our accredited 1-hour and 2-hour sessions cover complex areas of commercial insurance, with a focus on business interruption and construction delay topics. Stay updated on upcoming sessions or inquire about personalized educational support for you and your colleagues.

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About Roper Valuation

Roper Valuation & Insurance Advisors Ltd. is a premier accounting and insurance consultancy, specializing in customized services for the commercial insurance industry.

A lot of what we do focuses on business interruption insurance analysis and proactive insurance claim quantification services.

About Us


We are focused on providing industry recognized clarity to complex insurance issues through independent accounting and insurance expertise. We are dedicated to developing strong relationships built on independent, credible, proactive and experienced results for our clients.

Our Clients

We work with Small and Mid-sized Businesses through to Large International Corporations as well as working closely with Commercial Insurance Brokerages to Support their Clients.

We also work with law firms, independent adjusting firms and insurance companies. Our true value lies in our unique combination of insurance and financial expertise while delivering independent, effective and objective results.

Our seasoned team of professionals is committed to delivering the expertise and exceptional customer service required to navigate a diverse range of complex issues.

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