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Claim Valuation Services

Claim Valuation Services

Expert Guidance

Every loss is unique. Roper Valuation understands the complexities of insurance and the impact that policy variations can have on each loss situation. We bring experience and expertise in insurance, financial analysis and damage quantification to quantify commercial insurance claims involving a variety of losses and types of coverage.

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Roper Valuation regularly works with policyholders and commercial insurance brokers to provide the financial analysis required to settle insurance and damage claims of all sizes.
The majority of our work is in supporting policyholders however we also work with adjusting firms, insurance companies, lawyers and other firms involved in the claim process.

Claim Valuation Services

We add value to the overall insurance program by representing our clients and their interests through the claim valuation process.

We believe our true value is assisting our clients to manage their expectations and to understand the entire claim quantification process. In the early stages of a loss decisions are often made with a focus on the physical damage loss without adequate consideration of the impact to other areas of coverage such as business interruption. These areas can often have a far greater value of loss. Roper Valuation provides the expertise and quantitative analysis to support the decision-making process to ensure a more balanced approach.

Our services include

  • Full business interruption / loss of income valuation and submission
  • Assisting brokers and policyholders to understand the claim quantification process and manage expectations
  • Analysis, quantification and validation of mitigation efforts to support decision making
  • Providing financial and operational analysis in order to understand the complete impact of a loss
  • Managing, compiling and summarizing all costs related to physical damage claims
  • Allocating costs to the appropriate buckets of coverage within the terms of the policy
  • Quantifying and validating a variety of losses such as Rental Income, Extra Expense, Increased Cost of Working
  • Quantifying Delay in Start Up or Soft Cost claims resulting from a construction loss
  • Working closely with loss adjusting team and other insurer experts in order to expedite the claims process

Best of All!

Our fees are often recoverable under the Claims Preparation or Professional Fees coverage extension within most property / business interruption policies. That means we proactively work with you while our fees get paid by insurers!

Types of Claims

  • Business Interruption & Loss of Income
  • Extra Expense & Increased Cost of Working
  • Contingent Business Interruption | Civil Authority | Ingress / Egress
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Inventory Claims
  • Construction Soft Cost & Delay Claims
  • Delay in Start Up Claims
  • Liability Claims
  • Transportation Downtime / Loss of Income Claims

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