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Loss Quantification

Claims are challenging.

Businesses often struggle to assess, quantify, and present the impact to their business and the extent of the loss incurred.

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Roper Valuation provides the support that organizations need at every step of the insurance claim, dispute resolution or litigation process to provide clarity and quantification of complicated insurance and financial issues.

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Business Interruption | Loss of Income | Construction Delays | Cyber | Property Damage | Stock Damage | Extra Expense | Increased Cost of Working
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Our fees are often recoverable under the Claims Preparation or Professional Fees coverage extension within most property / business interruption policies. That means we proactively work with you while our fees get paid by insurers!

Why Roper Valuation Loss Quantification Services?

Our true value lies in our unique insurance and financial experience and expertise including over fifteen years of insurance related risk, claim and valuation services. We work closely with lawyers, insurance brokers, insurers, adjusters and clients of all sizes to provide independent, effective and objective results.

Our focus is to be proactive in all of our engagements by going beyond simply an analysis of the numbers to gain a full understanding of the true scope and impact of any loss.
We are dedicated to developing strong relationships within the insurance industry built on independent, credible, and experienced support for our clients.

Claim Valuation

Every loss is unique. Roper Valuation understands the complexities of insurance and the impact that policy variations can have on each loss situation. We bring experience and expertise in insurance, financial analysis and damage quantification to quantify commercial insurance claims involving a variety of losses and types of coverage

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Insurance Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Roper Valuation offers specialized insurance related litigation support and quantification services at every step of the dispute resolution, subrogation or litigation process to provide clarity and quantification of complicated insurance and financial issues.

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