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Construction Services

Construction Services

Unforeseen physical damage and delays can have substantial financial repercussions for all parties involved in large construction projects, including both owners and contractors. Roper Valuation is your trusted partner, offering independent expertise to guide clients through the complexities of insurance coverage application and quantification challenges inherent in a diverse array of construction projects.

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Our specialized focus extends to providing in-depth consultation on Soft Cost and Delay in Start-Up (DSU) coverages, two critical areas ensuring successful project completion and desired outcomes for all stakeholders.

We work closely with developers, contractors and their commercial insurance brokers to establish effective construction insurance programs.

Delay-related coverages encompass both Soft Cost and Delay in Start-Up (DSU):

Soft Cost Insurance:

This coverage safeguards businesses against financial losses linked to project delays resulting from covered losses, such as physical damage during construction. Unlike coverage for repairs and restoration costs, soft cost insurance concentrates on indirect costs associated with construction projects. It helps mitigate financial risks in cases of delays, disruptions, or unforeseen circumstances. Soft cost policies typically cover expenses like financing costs, property taxes, insurance premiums, and consulting fees. They can also extend to encompass project management costs, general conditions, overhead costs, and other expenses incurred during project delays.

Delay in Start-Up (DSU) Insurance:

Tailored for construction projects, DSU insurance protects project owners, contractors, and stakeholders from income loss due to delays in project completion and subsequent income-generating operations. This coverage typically includes compensation for the loss of anticipated income and related costs resulting from postponed project completion due to covered events, such as physical damage during construction.

Project Resilience

In our opinion these coverages do not get the attention that they deserve and yet have proven to be extremely valuable coverages during losses. Both insurances play a pivotal role in the construction industry, offering crucial protection against financial impacts caused by delays. They are specifically designed to help projects recover, ensuring successful and profitable completion.
Roper Valuation stands ready to assist, providing expertise that safeguards your construction endeavors.

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