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About Roper Valuation

Whether establishing effective business interruption limits or quantifying the impact of a loss, Roper Valuation & Insurance Advisors Ltd. adds value through a unique combination of both insurance and financial expertise.

Established in 2018 by Nick Roper, Roper Valuation is a specialized professional firm offering a wide variety of unique services to the commercial insurance industry.

Our Team

Insurance Expertise

Roper Valuation & Insurance Advisors grew from early experiences working in insurance and risk management. We understand the insurance industry with all its nuances, processes ,and expectations.

Accounting Expertise

Our true passion is quantification. However, we recognize that our true value comes from providing quantification with context ,and from an insurance perspective that means providing quantification within the application of the insurance policy.

What is Forensic Accounting?

We are often referred to as Forensic Accountants. For us being called forensic accountants really means that we are damage quantification experts.