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Desktop BI Reviews are The Better Way!
Submit a new Desktop BI Review now and receive a complete BI Submission Report that includes recommended limit calculations.
Let us do it for you, saving you time & getting it done right!

Client Factsheet
Click here to download the Desktop BI Factsheet. Includes required information.

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  •  Desktop BI Review Reports include:
    • Recommended business interruption policy limits. Limit calculations to include options for length of coverage at 12 months, 18 months or 24 months or where otherwise requested. Policies typically offer 12 months however we strongly recommend considering 18-24 months for most businesses. Longer is occasionally available and we are happy to provide 36-month calculations if requested.
    • Recommended ordinary payroll values where applicable. Values to include options for length of coverage at 30 days, 90 days and 180 days. In our experience the majority of businesses should purchase some level of Ordinary Payroll at a minimum. The broadest coverage is with policies that provide full payroll coverage. However, this may result in much higher limit requirements.
    • Highlighting of any key risk & underwriting information identified within our review.
  • Each location submitted to us will require and be provided with a separate Desktop BI Review Report. Please reach out to discuss multi-location policyholders with large number of locations and/or blanket coverage.
  • If you have any questions: Contact Us


  • Reviews are intended to be high-level and efficient. They are not intended to be a fully in-depth analysis or auditing of a client’s financials, operations or applicable insurance coverage. Should you require such services please submit a request for a business interruption review under our Advisory Services or contact us to discuss further.
  • Desktop BI Reviews are limited to policyholders that fall within the scope outlined below. If you have any questions or are unsure of whether your client falls within this scope please contact us.
    • Industries
      • Accommodation – Hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts or similar
        This does not include those with casinos, resorts, golf courses or other operations built in, work camps etc.
      •  Food & Beverage – Restaurants, bars, pubs or similar
        This does not include those tied to casinos, resorts, golf courses etc.
      •  Dealerships / Automotive Repairs & Accessories
      • Retail
        This does not include those with complex distribution/warehousing operations
      •  Real Estate – commercial & residential
      • Single location warehousing, distribution
      • Other similar industries
    •  Operations
      •  Single location style operations.
      • (Larger and more complex operations integrated across multiple locations required a more detailed analysis.)
      • Maximum revenue per location of $10,000,000
      • Canada based operations. No cross-border operations.
    • Should you submit an assignment for a review that falls outside of this scope you will be notified and recommended to complete the review as an Advisory Services Assignment. You will not be charged for any submissions that are declined by Roper Valuation.
  • Reviews are associated with traditional BI coverage tied to a Physical Damage policy and we will require a copy of the applicable policy. Reviews are not intended to address additional business interruption / loss of income risks such as Equipment Breakdown, Cyber or other. It is up to you to determine whether a broader review is required.
  • Our ability to complete a Desktop BI Review is dependent on receiving the necessary business information.
  • If you have any questions: Contact Us


  • Fee charged – $350 per Location.
  • The fee is to be charged for every submission received unless we have deemed the request to fall outside of the intended scope of a Desktop BI Review.
  • Additional fees may apply if we are asked to provide additional analysis that falls outside the scope of a standard Desktop BI Review


  • By submitting a Desktop BI Review, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Service Agreement applicable to all Desktop BI Reviews as well as the Website Terms and Conditions available at the links below. Terms & Conditions
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