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Desktop Business Interruption Reviews

We consistently see Business Interruption limits that are too low by 40-60%

This leads to inadequate protection for businesses and lost opportunities for brokerages at renewal. It sinks businesses following a loss and creates E&O risks for brokerages as a result.

Here’s an industry secret: Everyone struggles with calculating BI limits. Get it right with a Desktop BI Review!

We support brokers to maximize the value and protection of Business Interruption Insurance.

Sell BI Insurance with confidence!


Desktop BI Reviews are The Better Way!
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Desktop BI Reviews are standardized reviews that replace traditional BI worksheets, provide accurate limits and avoid common mistakes.*


Starting at


per location**

*Desktop BI Reviews are limited to businesses that fall within the intended scope, including size, industry and type of operation. Larger more complex operations require a more consultative approach provided within our Advisory Services.
**Contact us to discuss volume pricing to better support your brokerage.


A Desktop Review is a standardized, limited-scope evaluation of a given subject such as a policyholder’s Business Interruption limits.

  • Preliminary, high level and efficient
  • Cost-effective approach when a more fulsome and detailed analysis is not required
  • Focused examination of the core documentation such as a policyholder’s relevant financial, payroll and policy information

Why Desktop reviews?

Don’t be a statistic!

The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters estimates that 40% of business interruption insurance policies are undervalued by 45%. The calculation of BI limits is fraught with questions and misunderstandings and traditional BI worksheets offer little support.


Let us provide the clarity you need!

Our reviews:

  • Offer value-added support! Don’t be left in the dark!
  • Provide a value-added service at an affordable flat fee per location.
  • Removes the need to fill out worksheets and takes away the stress of doing it right.
  • Deliver the context & structure needed to understand what BI limits represent
  • Align calculations with policy wording requirements, including coinsurance (often 100%)
  • Meets any policy requirements for cost declaration.
  • Supports all parties – policyholders, brokers & underwriters
  • Protects brokers from E&O exposures

What is Included?

  • Calculate accurate Business Interruption Insurance limits
  • Highlight key risk & underwriting information
  • Identify critical policy requirements
  • Avoid common mistakes & confusion
  • Establish truly effective coverage
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Roper Valuation Desktop BI Reviews provide a high-level and effective analysis of a client’s operations, financials, and applicable policy wordings to establish accurate limits and support the provision of effective coverage. They are meant to replace the use of traditional BI worksheets.

The reviews are limited to more straightforward, single location style operations. Larger, more complex operations and those operating across multiple, interdependent locations required a more detailed and consultative analysis.

Roper Valuation can provide this too! Check out our Advisory Services.

Adequate forecasting is a crucial element to establishing effective Business Interruption Limits.
Desktop BI Reviews supporting the hotel industry are now offered with the ability to incorporate industry leading forecasting analytics sourced from the CoStar Group!
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