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Business Interruption Services

The insurance industry struggles with getting Business Interruption coverage right.

Business Interruption is one of the most misunderstood coverages on the market. As a result, we consistently see BI policies that are drastically inadequate – putting the survival of businesses at risk.

We know BI.

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Business Interruption Services

Roper Valuation supports companies and commercial insurance brokers in providing a unique and independent resource with the ability to combine an understanding of insurance coverage and finance to create truly effective business interruption coverage.

Establish accurate BI limits,
Identify key risk exposures,
Assess necessary coverages,
Consider mitigation implications,
Ensure your business & income are protected.

We support businesses to obtain the coverage they need and the confidence in knowing they are properly protected against the loss of income.

Our BI advisory services are offered to larger or more complex clients that need an in depth and consultative review. Want a more cost effective and high-level option? Check out our Desktop BI Reviews.

Why Roper Valuation BI Services?

Business Interruption Insurance remains one of the most misunderstood products in today’s insurance market.

Our true value lies in our unique insurance, accounting and claims expertise including over fifteen years of insurance related risk, claim and valuation services.

Our primary focus revolves around Business Interruption Insurance.

Not every client or BI risk is the same. We offer our services to meet your specific needs across various levels:

Choose the level that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Level #1 – Desktop BI Reviews

No more BI Worksheets!
Roper Valuation Desktop Business Interruption Reviews support commercial insurance brokers and their clients to calculate accurate Business Interruption limits and coverage. The reviews provide a much more proactive and effective approach compared to the completion of traditional BI worksheets that are fraught with issues.
Let us do it for you, saving you time & getting it done right!

Desktop BI Review

Level #2 Business Interruption Valuation & Coverage Reviews

Detailed reviews provide an in-depth analysis of a client’s operations to determine their business interruption limits in line with policy requirements and industry standards.

We work with you to develop a full understanding of operations to ensure that limits are adequate and necessary coverages are incorporated.

Our reviews consider:

  • Operational and financial analysis including continuing and non-continuing costs
  • Alignment with policy requirements, including any necessary declarations
  • Analysis of suitable indemnity periods
  • Accurate analysis and incorporation of unique costs such as payroll, franchise fees,
  • Analysis of applicable contracts (if necessary)
  • Review of risks & coverages such as Extra Expense, Contingent Business Interruption, Equipment Breakdown and Cyber cover

Level #3 – Business Interruption Exposure & Loss Scenario Analysis

Determining BI limits inline with standard policy & industry requirements for small and mid-market risks is one thing. Understanding the full exposure and the potential valuation of a loss for larger or more complex clients is the next step.

Roper Valuation supports brokers and their clients in understanding and valuing BI exposures and potential loss scenarios to ensure they have appropriately identified the major risk areas, have analyzed the impact to their operations and identified all coverage requirements.

Our reviews expand upon the BI valuation and coverage review to include:

  • Identification of major loss scenarios and determination of impact to operations
  • Full cost behavior analysis
  • Review of interdependencies between locations
  • Establish location values for exposure analysis and premium allocation – when blanket limits are applicable
  • Review and incorporation of possible mitigation efforts

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